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track listing:
1. New Estate
   "Don't Like The Way"*
2. Spraydog "Peardrops"
3. Girlboy Girl "Radiator"
4. The Like Young "Freddy"
5. The National Splits
   "Remember Action"
6. Going Stagg "Loopy"
7. Paul and Lara "Recover"*
8. Scrabbel "Peel Down the Road"
9. Tugboat Fantastic!
   "Orion's Belt"*
10. New Bethel "The Ticket"
11. The Summer In Between
   "Times Like These"*
12. Le PepEs "Perfect Pop Song"*
13. The National Splits
   "Bonus Track"*

*previously unreleased

various artists
"Kittridge 2004 New Music Sampler" cd
  released July 2004

A 13-track collection of Kittridge goodies including previously released and forthcoming tracks from NEW ESTATE, SPRAYDOG, GIRLBOY GIRL, THE LIKE YOUNG, GOING STAGG, SCRABBEL, NEW BETHEL, plus exclusive tracks from THE SUMMER IN BETWEEN, PAUL & LARA, TUGBOAT FANTASTIC!, LE PEPES, and THE NATIONAL SPLITS. A fun an inexpensive way to familiarize yourself with Kittridge.


"for the first time in a long time a label has released a comp of their bands that i can actually listen to (pretty much) the whole way through. K's bands basically fall into the 'twee /mid-fi' pop category, the distinction being that almost all of their bands are good, and don't come off sounding like a bunch of pansies! from new estate to spraydog right on through to paul & lara and le pepe's, this comp is solid and filled with new bands that we'll hopefully be hearing more of in the future. nicely done."
--dagger zine