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track listing:
1. tugboat fantastic! "i'll stick with you"  click to listen
2. the casino ashtrays "gilded" click to listen
3. the summer in between "simple & true" click to listen
4. the national splits "your david starship"  click to listen

various artists
"The Crayola Catastrophe" 7"
released December 2001 * original illustrations by s.britt


"...the songs are so wonderful, up-beat and playful yet intricate and often truly lovely. again, kittridge is helping to expose me to what modern indie-pop is all about. these songs will be perfect mix-tape trading material, as you want to tell your friends about some wonderful finds, and i can see myself pulling out this 7" years from now to partake in the quite fun, playful pop of some amazingly talented musicians."
-jeff, delusions of adequacy

"the music here is pleasingly accomplished and adult, and largely devoid of twee excesses."
-george zahora, spledid e-zine

"this new compilation 7" on kittridge is the follow up to "the sidewalk chalk adventure" from a couple years ago that put four fun bedroom pop bands together. i was sure that i'd heard the tugboat fantastic! song, "i'll stick with you", before - though the insert said it was written by the band, it is indeed a primitives cover (had me really confused for a minute, though!). next come the lo-fi wonders, casino ashtrays, with raoul of test pilot/popgun fame & laura watling of laura watling fame. the summer in between play a nice drum machine/strummy guitar/keyboard song which, helped by jeanie's vocals, reminds me of club 8. finally comes the national splits (mike downey, ex-wolfie), whose song i like a lot more than mike's mathlete stuff - more guitar poppy than that weird keyboardy stuff. he still warbles his vocals, though... the whole single is only 9 minutes long (and 45 rpms, at that!), making all of the songs nice and short - yay!"
-chris, indiepages.com

"the 4 band / 4-song comp includes tugboat fantastic’s “i’ll stick with you”, which includes an extremely steady, machine generated beat, and teri’s soothing vocals. the casino ashtrays check in with the song “gilded”, with raoul’s lead vocals and laura watling’s cheerful backup vocals. i remember seeing the ashtrays perform this song at the 1999 san francisco popfest, and the glee with which it was performed is translated on record. on the flipside, the summer in between offer the song “simple & true”, another sweet song led by jeanie’s vocals, with an emphasis on organ and a steady drumbeat. the fourth and final track is by the national splits. the splits’ are the new project by former wolfie and mathlete frontman mike downey. his voice is his trademark, and on “your david starship”, he has created another fun, simple, bouncey song to dance and prance to."
-stephen, gutless e-zine