going stagg discography


self-titled (growth recordings) cassette

1.copycat 2.loopy 3.superman 4.seconds 5.upside down cake.

released: 1997 - pressing: 300 on purple cassette - out of print

sink and dream (kittridge) 7"
A.close your eyes. torn shoe. B.ryanoceros. windmill.

released: nov 1999 - pressing: 800

available from: kittnet.com


"pop again" (the poptopia 98 collection) cd

released: feb 1998 - promo only - out of print
the sidewalk chalk adventure (kittridge) 7"
"copycat" (re-recorded)

released: april 1999 - out of print
"19 ways to get back home" cd (jetboy recordings) [sweden]
"close your eyes" (7" version)

released: oct 1999
"galaxy x'mas" (galaxy train) [japan] cassette

released: dec 1999
"thru spray colored glasses" (carafate roads vol.8) (motorway) [japan] 7"

released: aug 2000 - out of print
"ocean park paradox!" (US pop life vol.6~california) (contact) [japan] cd
"copycat" (cassette version)

released: aug 2000 - out of print
spacelab transmissions

"the boy left behind"

exclusive mp3 released at www.spacelab.org

"cat's diary: a tribute to the cat's miaow" (cranky love) [hong kong] cd

"don't worry, this isn't about you"

unreleased - oct 2001

"homemade hits, vol.1" (kittridge) cd

released: jan 2004
available from: kittnet.com
"kittridge 2004 new music sampler" (kittridge) cd


released july 2004 - out of print